People probably think me strange when they see me lifting up on my toes as I wait for the elevator, as I ride in the elevator, as I wait just about anywhere.  They don’t realize that I am exercising my stomach muscles and making them stronger and stronger with each rise on my toes!

Sit ups are great – not, but they are so easily done wrong and you end up with this really muscular bump that nothing seems to take away.  Why?  Most people don’t pull in as they sit up and so they build this nice bump.

So, I get on my toes daily and after 3 children, have rock solid abs and a very flat and may I add toned tummy.  I also do leg lifts when I am driving and when I am sitting down.  These are things that you can do so many times during the day and anywhere you happen to be standing or sitting and in a short while, your abs will burst forth!  Try it and see.